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Three young people who are targeted by a vengeful spirit must fight for their lives as it seeks to exact revenge from the grave.


Juliana Palermo, Jay Manalo, Jaclyn Jose, Christian Luis Singson, Liza Lorena, Maria Isabel Lopez, Cristine Reyes, Mike Tan, Dianne Marquez, Vangie Labalan, Jimmy Concepcion, Cloyd Robinson, Terence Baylon, Crystal King, Danny Labra


Igan suffers a gruesome death in the hands of a devil worshipper, Nana Ursula. After young Igna incurs the wrath of a spiteful witch, a strong spell leaves the unlucky provincial woman cursed for the rest of her life and her death. Eager to exact revenge from the grave, Igna targets three young visitors. The trio must fight for their lives in this nail-biting supernatural thriller from the Philippines.

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