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In a most unexpected place, love finds its way... But will it survive the journey?


Judy Ann Santos, Piolo Pascual, Hilda Koronel, Rio Locsin, Tommy Abuel, Marjorie Barretto, Cheska Garcia, John Wayne Sace, Marco Alcaraz, Joshua Dionisio, JC Quadrado


Abby thinks she has everything under control until her best friend Sabina walks out of her own bridal shower weeks before her marriage to Abby's younger brother Samuel. With a cassette tape left behind by Sabina as her only lead, Abby vows to find her best friend and bring her back in time for the wedding. Abby's search takes her to Baguio. There she meets Vince and his younger brother Marco, a folk singer in a local pub whose voice she heard in Sabina's tape. Vince claims that he recorded the song for his friend Rabbit who was supposed to give it to his girlfriend. Abby persuades Vince to take her to Rabbit in the hope to find Sabina. Marco thinks of an idea to get Vince and Abby together. As Abby and Vince travel together through the mountain provinces, love tries to find its way through their hearts. But will it survive the journey?



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Don't Give Up on Us is a 2006 Filipino romantic comedy film directed by Joyce Bernal. The film was the fifth appearance of Judy Ann Santos and Piolo Pascual after Esperanza, Kahit Isang Saglit, Bakit 'di Totohanin, and Till There Was You, not including two cameos in Pera o Bayong: The Movie and Jologs.

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