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A nanny, Norma has to choose between Ruby or Louise. The movie is a touching film about a woman who has to choose between two girls.


Maricel Soriano, Erika Oreta, Tala Santos, Sunshine Cruz, Zoren Legaspi, Liza Lorena, Marita Zobel, Matthew Mendoza, Kalila Aguilos, J.M Reyes, Jessu Trinidad, Erica Dehesa, Julia Buencamino, Janneke Agustin, Roence Santos


Norma (Maricel Soriano) straddles between being a mother to Ruby (Tala Santos) and being a nanny to her employer's daughter, Louise (Erika Oreta). Norma left her daughter in the province to be a nanny to another person's daughter. An emergency forces Norma to bring Ruby with her to Manila and her employer is kind enough to accept Ruby in the household. However, Louise (Erika Oreta), the daughter of Norma's employer, competes with Ruby for Norma's affection. Now, Norma has to balance her love and attention for the two special people in her life: her daughter and her ward.

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Inang Yaya is a 2006 film directed by "Pablo Biglang-awa" and "Veronica Velasco" and stars Maricel Soriano as Norma, a nanny who has to choose between Ruby (Tala Santos, her daughter) or Louise (Erika Oreta, the girl who she takes care of). The film won Best Film and Best Performance, awards given by the Young Critics Circle.

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