Watch Oh My Ghost! 2006 Reviews

Directed by Tony Y. Reyes.  With Rufa Mae Quinto, Marvin Agustin, Paolo Contis, Carlos Agassi.


Rufa Mae Quinto, Marvin Agustin, Paolo Contis, Carlos Agassi, Uma Khouny, Jose Manalo, Sugar Mercado, Bianca King, Wally Bayola, Teri Onor, Al Arayata, Jimmy Santos, Jackie Aquino, Dick Israel, Bebong Osorio


Oh my Ghost is about Trixie, a beautiful and sexy ad agency executive who focuses on her career and less of her love life. Even her best friend and partner in the agency, Alvin, tries to make moves on her but just doesn't work. Meanwhile, three young egotistic guys - Dennis, Jeff and Buboy, meet Trixie in the gym who get so attracted and madly in love with her. Because of their arrogance and conceitedness, Trixie turns each one down that makes the three angry at her. To get even with her, they attempt to rape her that lead to a fatal accident. So sudden and untimely, Trixie's ghost cannot accept it and decides to take revenge. Horror-comic situations follow as she haunts the three to obtain justice.

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