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John Prats, Polo Ravales, Sandara Park, Katrina Halili, Mark Herras, Jennylyn Mercado, Andrew Muhlach, Monsour del Rosario, Aubrey Miles, Jao Mapa, Jennifer Sevilla, Mon Confiado, Karla Estrada, Richard Quan, Kookoo Gonzales, Allan Paule, Bing Pimentel


Six childhood friends discover that their parents are the legendary Super Noypi-the most powerful superheroes in the land. But when their parents are taken hostage, the six-who also have super powers like telekinesis, invisibility, superhuman strength and speed, shape-shifting, casting spells and control of both fire and ice-stick together to save them and the world.

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Super Noypi is a 2006 Filipino action superhero fantasy film released on December 25, 2006 and was directed by Quark Henares and produced by Regal Films. It was an official entry to the 32nd Metro Manila Film Festival.

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