Watch Segurista 1996 Reviews

Director: Tikoy Aguiluz
Writers: Tikoy Aguiluz (story), Jose F. Lacaba (story)
Stars: Michelle Aldana, Gary Estrada, Ruby Moreno
Genres: Drama
Country: Philippines
Language: Tagalog | Filipino
Release Date: 18 April 1997 (Singapore)
Production Co: Neo Films

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Movie information
In the daytime, Karen is an insurance saleswoman in Manila, but in the evening she works as an escort in a club. She is very successful in selling insurance to her escort clients. On the weekends she returns to her husband and daughter in the provinces, who are living amongst the volcanic ash from Mount Pinatubo. She is forced to take stock of her life when Sonny, a rich car dealer, offers to set her up in an apartment. Written by Will Gilbert
By day, Karen Fernandez (Michelle Aldana) is a sales agent for an insurance company. She constantly meets sales targets set by her company and is considered as their top agent. By night, she covertly works as a guest relations officer (GRO), which she uses to draw her daytime clients to buy into her insurance product. All of her activities day and night are for one reason: securing the future of her family. Amidst the temptation of falling in love with her clients, Karen is focused on working hard for the money.
A tragedy occurs when a night of having fun went wrong. Resisting the advances of her friend's lover, she flees by riding a taxi. But the taxi driver himself had other plans as he decides to bring Karen to a lahar-infested area and satisfy his lust on her before killing her off. Her death served as a catalyst for change as her beneficiaries finally receive the fruits of her labor.

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