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Felix Manalo (2015)
Director: Joel Lamangan
Writer: Bienvenido Santiago
Stars: Dennis Trillo, Bela Padilla, Mylene Dizon
Genres: Biography
Plot Keywords: philippines | religious | iglesia in cristo | religious leader | world war two
Certificate: PG
Official Sites: Official Website
Country: Philippines
Language: Tagalog
Release Date: 30 October 2015 (USA) See more »
Filming Locations: Binondo, Manila, Metro Manila, Philippines
Budget:PHP 150,000,000 (estimated)
Opening Weekend: PHP 130,330,964 (Philippines), 11 October 2015, Limited Release
Production Co: Viva Films

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Movie information

Felix Manalo is a 2015 Filipino cult-classic film dramatizing the life of Felix Ysagun Manalo, the first Executive Minister of the Iglesia Ni Cristo (INC; English: Church of Christ), and the church he preached. Manalo is regarded by the members of the Iglesia ni Cristo as the last messenger of God and the restorer of the true Church of Christ, whom the INC gives the title Sugò (Tagalog, "messenger" or "envoy"). The story and screenplay were written by INC evangelism head Bienvenido Santiago. The film was directed by Joel Lamangan. All content of the film was screened and approved by the INC.

The film broke three Guinness world records for film attendance upon release
Felix Ysagun Manalo is a sprawling historical epic that traces the origin of Iglesia Ni Cristo (The Church of Christ) which is established in the Philippines from its humble beginnings in 1914 through the present day.
Joel Lamangan served as the overall director of the film with Armando Reyes as the assistant director, and Glicerio Santos III as the creative producer. The production design was done by Edgar Martin Littaua, Joel Marcelo Bilbao and Daniel Red. Other members of the production team were Bienvenido Santiago (story and screenplay), Rody Lacap (director of photography), Albert Michael Idioma (sound supervisor), Von de Guzman (musical director), John Wong (film editor), and Juvan Bermil (makeup and hair design). The script was written by the head of evangelism of the INC, and the church approved of all content in the film.
About 100 Philippine celebrities were included in the cast. 8,000 people were hired as extras. Scenes were shot in Metro Manila, Laguna, Subic, and Bataan. This includes the INC Chapel F. Manalo (formerly Riverside) in San Juan, and the chapel in San Francisco del Monte, Quezon City, which was used in the funeral. The whole film was about 6 hours or 360 minutes in length, but a shorter version was used for its theatrical release
Felix Manalo (portrayed by Trillo) studies, joins, doubts, and eventually leaves both Catholicism and Protestantism before starting a church he believes to be a restoration of the Biblical church founded by Jesus.
It tells the story of the first Executive Minister of the Iglesia Ni Cristo (Church of Christ), Felix Y. Manalo, recognised as the Messenger of God in these last days, and his religious journey in establishing the Iglesia Ni Cristo (Church of Christ) in the Philippines, which was officially registered on July 27, 1914 during the outbreak of the I World War . It depicts his struggles on how he overcame persecution while fighting against the odds that allowed the Iglesia Ni Cristo (Church of Christ) to reach it's current stature. Written by Lloyd Herrera

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