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Your Place or Mine? (2015)
Director: Joel Lamangan
Stars: Anja Aguilar, Donnalyn Bartolome, Clint Bondad
Genres: Comedy | Drama | Romance
Country: Philippines
Language: Filipino | Tagalog | English
Release Date: 29 April 2015 (Philippines)
Production Co: Viva Films

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Movie information Your Place or Mine? is a 2015 Filipino romantic comedy-drama film directed by Joel Lamangan starring Andi Eigenmann, Bret Jackson and Andre Paras. It was released by Viva Films on April 29, 2015.

One night with a total stranger. And fate brought them together once again. That's where their whirlwind romance started.
YOUR PLACE, or MINE sounds like a question that requires an immediate answer. It gives two options, but whichever you pick, wouldn't really matter. Either way, it's going to be fun, anyway. At least, that's what the movie seems to suggest.
Turns out, there's really no need to be critical here, as everything the movie presents offers pretty much nothing to be properly assessed or criticized. We've seen how these cheesy wattpad stories get brought into life on the big screen, and assumed a form of unstoppable craze. And while this form continues to draw massive attention from young followers, and propels more aspiring writers to jump on the bandwagon, it seldom creates something that's different from the previous entries. It feeds on the same tiring material, and presents them in the same overly familiar manner, in hopes to emulate countless others that piled up in the young romance category. YOUR PLACE or MINE lands atop that heap, and, as expected, comes across as merely another attempt to mimic its predecessors' success.
There's no point in going through a narrative that's almost empty, but I'll give you a hint on how the movie looks like. It's pretty much Fifty Shades minus the semi-erotic part. Everything else fits between senseless one liners and tiring stare fest. Every character here is uninspired and it's unbearably painful to make a decent judgment of the actors' performance, when there is hardly anything to comment about, in the first place. Andi Eigenmann's character is utterly barren, hence it's completely forgivable if her pretty face isn't of any help for her to pull the character. I mean she's not a good actress, but you just couldn't put the blame solely on her, when the rest of the elements is basically as good as she is, if not even worse.
Even at its best, the movie isn't anything worth of lasting affection. It gathers attention once it flaunts all those pretty faces and all the screaming grandeur of the rich, but never really manages to maintain its hold once the snoozefest that is boring exchanges of empty dialogues and endless correspondence of stares, kicks in. It never gets better from there, worse, it deteriorates and eventually turns sticking your attention onto the big screen just so you could not miss that something you hope to be of sense, into an endurance test. Unless you're up to such challenge, considering seeing this movie, isn't an option. 5/10

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