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Guerilyera (1946)
Director: Octavio Silos
Writers: Octavio Silos, Susana C. de Guzman
Stars: Carmen Rosales, Tita Duran, Celso Baltazar
Genres: Action | Drama | War
Country: Philippines
Language: Filipino | Tagalog
Release Date: 13 October 1946 (Philippines) See more »
Filming Locations: Philippines
Production Co: Sampaguita Pictures

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Did you know that Carmen Rosales was a guerrilla fighter during World War II? In a magazine article by Ceres Doyo, Rene Navales, eldest son of Carmen Rosales, claimed that “my mother‘s underground work took her to Santa Rosa, Laguna, where she was involved in the killing of a makapili (Japanese collaborator). She later fled to Silang, Cavite to evade capture by the Japanese. My mother was a sharpshooter who toted a .45 and sometimes wore a moustache in order to disguise herself…”

“She was taken to Pangasinan by an enamoured Japanese colonel named Yamamoto who wanted her to star in a propaganda movie--- or else he would kill Filipinos. Rosales gave in but the film was never finished because American troops arrived. For her act of sacrifice to save a community, the popular star earned the people’s gratitude and a barrio, Carmen, in Rosales town, Pangasinan, was supposedly named after her…”
A movie, titled Guerilyera was made in 1946.

In the daring role she played in our fight for freedom.

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