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Lando at Bugoy (2016)
Lando at Bugoy (2016)
Director: Vic Acedillo
Writer: Vic Acedillo
Stars: Allen Dizon, Jerould Aceron, Roger Gonzales
Genres: Drama
Official Sites: Official Facebook
Country: Philippines
Language: Filipino | Tagalog
Release Date: 6 August 2016 (Philippines)
Runtime: 85 min

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Movie information

Disrespected by his teenage son, a 40-year-old high school dropout tries to solve this problem by returning to school which only makes his son hate him even more. Amidst the struggle between them, an unexpected event changes everything.

am left with ambivalence upon learning in the credits roll that Lando at Bugoy is definitely inspired by a real-life story. Does that purported to elevate this film when it also happens to bolster the silent opinion that the straightforward execution makes it appear like it’s one thing you can watch on an “MMK” or a “Magpakailanman” episode? Positive, this movie performs out like a TELEVISION drama – it has a slow burn begin, pointless subplots and indulgence to a variety of heavy-handed metaphors. “Mahirap pukpukin and matigas na bato,” (It’s difficult to carve a hard stone) a personality makes an analogy between tombstone carving and responsible parenting. Maybe the same sentiment is also shared by the film’s struggle to inform a heart-melting story which comes out barely flat to me (or maybe that’s just my chilly stone heart speaking).

Lando Amora (Allen Dizon), a center-aged, excessive-college dropout and headstone carver, has a painful relationship together with his wayward teenage son Bugoy (Gold Azeron). The latter, taking the path of his father, wastes his likelihood to a proper schooling by skipping lessons and slacking-off together with his ne’er-do-well associates. At the expense of humiliation, Lando accepts his son’s dare to go back to high school in order to earn his admiration and problem him to do the same. As the two navigate all through the college 12 months, will his determination efficiently break the barrier between them?

There is an unbalanced paperweight to the titular characters Lando and Bugoy. Lando is a completely-molded character and one can empathize in his inner struggle to understand his son. Nevertheless, the film capitalizes Dizon and Azeron’s natural chemistry on quite a few bickering scenes that the movie couldn’t stress sufficient on Bugoy’s hostile habits. Therefore, Bugoy is sculpted as a mere one-dimensional character who can’t stand the whole lot about his father. We get to know that his hatred stems from the lack of his mom however that aspect of the story is just not actually delved into for us to empathize on his character as well. Instead, the film fills us extra with anecdotal subplots ranging from unnecessary (Bugoy’s love life) to creepy (Lando and his instructor’s flirtation scenes). The movie additionally has a dangling third act. The official synopsis states that “an unexpected event adjustments all the things” and I waited in va
in for that to happen. Perhaps that is the supposed climax scene the place Lando will get livid when some random child beats his son? However then what? The aftermath of that scene is rarely mentioned to make ample sense.

Lando at Bugoy banks on a relevant and customary floor – the struggles and rewards of a father-son/parent-baby relationship nevertheless its earnest intention is slightly trampled when it disconcertingly begins to advocate that oldsters aren't allowed to hit their kids anymore. (FYI, I’m all for Jap type of parenting). Contemplating that this takes place on a rural setting, a scene the place Bugoy unabashedly calls Lando an idiot straight into his face – his very father who’s relentlessly working to offer him access to education, to which the latter simply swallowed it as if it’s nothing, could be very unrealistic and revolting personally.

To his credit, director Vic Acedillo, Jr., makes this movie bearable by not turning it into a transparent-cut clich├ęd family drama and infusing some quips to its dialogues. He does a good job in casting the leads and even the regionally-casted bit players are a refreshing sight. On a aspect observe, the Sunken Cemetery of Camiguin Island is used as a backdrop for some elements
to additionally add to the local vibe. It even made its way to the official poster. Therefore, you possibly can’t blame me if I attempt to find some metaphorical relevance that’s happening. When I couldn’t, I just dismissed it as an extraneous element.

In the end, Lando at Bugoy takes pleasure at its simple goals and stays to be a pleasing movie to observe. However on a Cinemalaya competition-stage which has a theme of “Break the Surface”, that is the vanilla decide among the many choices. At its greatest, Lando at Bugoy does not engrave to the soul, it solely scratches its surface.

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