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Tribu is a 2007 Filipino crime drama film directed by Jim Libiran, released in its home country of the Philippines.Stars:

Karl Eigger Balingit, Charena Escala, Lloyd Labastida, Restly Perez, Reggie Dagondon, Shielbert Manuel, Gilbert Lozano, Jamir Garcia, Ray Javier Guevarra, Malou Crisologo, Faye Martel


In the darker side of Manila-by-night, tribes of youthful gangsters roam the streets in search of quick fixes and precarious thrills. World-weary Tondo throbs to the beat of of hiphop and freestyle gangsta rap, and to the scents and sensations of drugs and sex and violence. We witness this crepus-cular underworld through the eyes of ten-year-old Ebet. Hailed as a gritty portrayal of Manila's notoriously violent streets of Tondo, Jim Libiran's Tribu is an ultrarealist depiction of youth corrupted by violence, death and decay, told documentary-style and punctuated by the poetically-charged street poetry of the cast. KEYWORDS: Watch movie online, Watch Tribu 2007 online, Online movies, Movies free, Tribu 2007 Full Movie, Watch Free Movies Online, Watch Tribu 2007 Movies, Free Tagalog Movie, Pinoy Movies, Filipino Movies, Tagalog Movies, Free Cinema, Animated Movies, Action Movies, Tagalog movie online, Mga pinoekulang Pinoy, Watch Free Pinoy Movies Online

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Movie information Tribu (English: Tribe) is a 2007 Filipino crime drama film directed by Jim Libiran, released in its home country of the Philippines. It stars real life gang members from the film's setting in Tondo, Manila. The tagline is: "Every night, juvenile tribes prowl the streets of Tondo. An explosive hiphop, freestyle gangsta celebration of inner city Manila." Most of the actors were residents of Tondo, and many were active in street gang activities in the area during the making of the film. Fifty-two members of six rival gangs agreed to work together to finish the movie. Tribu won several awards, including Best Actors and Best Film at the Cinemalaya Independent Film Festival, Best Actor Ensemble at the Cinemanila International Film Festival and the Gawad Urian Awards. Tribu also won the Pari de l'Avenir Bet of the Future Award at the Festival Paris CinĂ©ma – the only non-European film to do so Source:,
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