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You Got Me! tells a love story between three people - the strong aggressive police woman, the shy-type police man, and the bad boy.Stars:

Toni Gonzaga, Sam Milby, Zanjoe Marudo, Johnny Delgado, Dick Israel, AJ Dee, Jayson Gainza, Pia Moran, Quintin Alianza, Pinky Amador, Toby Alejar, Nuel C. Naval, Marco Morales, January Isaac


Insp.Amor "Moe" Santander is a tough chick who's accustomed to following crooks. But on the other hand there's one thing she's fleeing from since the time that her mom kicked the bucket: beginning to look all starry eyed at. Insp.Kevin Robles is overwhelmed by most things, yet most particularly confessing all with the young lady he's been cherishing from a remote place for a period now. In the interim, Caloy is a fake DVD merchant whom Moe catches, alongside his heart. Things get confounded when Caloy enrolls Kevin's win Moe, exactly when Moe and Kevin's fellowship gets more profound. Who does Moe truly cherish? Will she considerably surrender to her emotions in any case? All of a sudden her life as one of the best entertainers in the administration endures. KEYWORDS: Watch movie online, Watch You Got Me (2007) online, Online movies, Movies free, You Got Me (2007) Full Movie, Watch Free Movies Online, Watch You Got Me (2007) Movies, Free Tagalog Movie, Pinoy Movies, Filipino Movies, Tagalog Movies, Free Cinema, Animated Movies, Action Movies, Tagalog movie online, Mga pinoekulang Pinoy, Watch Free Pinoy Movies Online

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Movie information You Got Me! is a 2007 Filipino romantic-comedy film that tells a love story between three people, the strong aggressive police woman played by actress-host Toni Gonzaga, the shy-type police man played by actor-singer Sam Milby, and the bad boy played by model-actor Zanjoe Marudo. It was produced by Star Cinema, ABS-CBN Film Productions Source:,
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